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The boxes by each merchant designates how many times you can visit them. (As you can see, most you can visit several times!

  • The “Smart Cards” is designed like a directory to help you easily find each merchant.

    The “Smart Cards” is compact & very easy to carry.

    Participating merchants offer their services to attract new business. If you like the way you were treated they hope you will patronize them in the future.

Please note:

Please read each offer carefully before using your Membership Card. The stipulations and restrictions on some offers are for the benefit of both the customer and the merchant. Personal convenience on appointments is not always possible because sometimes merchants are booked in advance, so when you make any appointment please be courteous and respect the merchant by keeping your appointments. All sales are final; however, in the best interest of customer satisfaction, each request will be looked upon independently, if the cards are unused, for any extenuating circumstances.



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